30 Grams - A 30-Day Instagram Content Planner
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30 Grams - A 30-Day Instagram Content Planner

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Hiphopcleopatra created a 30-day content planner for anyone seeking Instagram tips that will help curate your Instagram content like a pro. 

If you're an industry professional looking to curate a cohesive, thoughtful and impactful Instagram in order to build a loyal following, but you struggle with ideas to come up with posts, then you'll need a plan. 

Often without a plan, you will find yourself wondering what content you are going to upload and then end up not posting anything. (Or worst, you post sub-par content.)

You need to organize your thoughts and plan out your content so that you can see, month by month, how your Instagram is progressing and how you can bring value to your followers.

That's how you build a loyal following. 

Here's what you will get:

  • A monthly planner that you can reuse over and over

  • Examples and suggestions on what content to post so that you are never lost for a photo topic

  • Ideas to help jog your creative juices

So, are you ready to get your Instagram organized and start building your influence?

Ideas on how you might use this planner:

  • Print it out and write out your post ideas in each square for the month
  • Use layout apps to lay out your ideas in a visual format
  • Use it to inspire what content you are going to shoot, or what topics you are going to discuss in your captions for the upcoming month

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